Dave and jade

One day a boy named Dave was drinking Gatorade. Then he met a girl named jade they drunk and drunk their Gatorade and went crazy till they ran away. From town to town they were upside down,from playing pranks to passing snakes. Off they sneak to the creek were all the fishers sleep. They stole and stole all their gear so they Did that every year. In the end they sold the gear and were rich with a pet deer.

book character dress up day

Yesterday the 24/8/17 it was book character dress up day my favorite thing was the super heros with mr mac.

First we play a video and it was about the flash trying to save the world.

Then we learnt how to make some super hero masks we help the juniors do theirs and my kid was ashlee and she made a hulk mask.

After that we played another video and it was about batman trying to catch the joker.

Finally we played “superheros vs villins” it is bobs and statues but for bobs you bob down and hide like a villin for heros you do a superman pose.

I had a great day!

Chooks in dinner suits

Chooks in dinner suits is a book. It was made in 2016,it written by Diannna Jackson hill. It is a stand alone book and it was written to tell a story of penguins and some dogs.

The book has told the story very well in detail.

The fairy penguins on middle island population was dying down because dogs and foxes were killing them. So a farmer put his dogs on the island and they saved the day.

One negative thing was that it was a bit boring, two good things were I love the pictures because there very detailed and I love how there were penguins!

it tells a great story about a man and his dog.

Hello world!

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