Dave and jade

One day a boy named Dave was drinking Gatorade. Then he met a girl named jade they drunk and drunk their Gatorade and went crazy till they ran away. From town to town they were upside down,from playing pranks to passing snakes. Off they sneak to the creek were all the fishers sleep. They stole and stole all their gear so they Did that every year. In the end they sold the gear and were rich with a pet deer.

4 thoughts on “Dave and jade”

  1. To Em,
    This poem was really good, I liked the rhyming and the story line.
    It was really funny and I liked it very much
    From your bestie, Dakota

  2. Hi,
    Emily this poem is so good. What is your fav poem your have done? out of my poems my fav is my butter and cotton candy ones i did.
    from rebecca

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